More Houses for San Tan Valley

More Houses for San Tan Valley

Public Hearing Notice signs popped up again in San Tan Valley April 5, 2018, alerting residents of a new development heading their way.  So what's building?  More houses of course!

A presentation will be given to the Pinal County Planning and Zoning (P & Z) Commission April 19, 2018 at 9 a.m. in the Pinal County Emergency Operations Center (EOC) Hearing Room, Building F, Florence, Arizona.

Excerpts from the rezoning request are listed below.  Read the full proposal here.

"Bowman Consulting, on behalf of Vintage Farms, LLC, is proposing a 1,600 lot community on approximately 473 acres located just west and south of the southwest corner of Combs and Schnepf Roads. The request will be for a rezoning of the Property from CR‐1, CR‐2 and CR‐3 PAD (PZ‐PD‐010‐00) to R‐7 PAD, and a Planned Area Development amendment. The CB‐1 commercial corner will go from 15 acres down to 10 acres gross. The Ware Farms single family subdivision will consist of a maximum of 1,600 lots at a density of 3.39 du/ac.  This PAD amendment provides a slight increase in the maximum number of lots allowed on the site due to an increase in residential area as a result of the removal of the waste water treatment plant, a reduction in size to the commercial corner, as well as adding a church site, and adjusting 80‐acres of large lot residential to medium density residential.  These changes are proposed due to the development of regional commercial nearby and because an alternate wastewater treatment site was selected and is therefore no longer needed."  


"Ware Farms consists of approximately 473 undeveloped acres over two vacant parcels, 104‐64‐001C and 104‐64‐004, and is ideally suited for residential development.  Ware Farms was first entitled in 1998 (Cases PZ‐41‐98 and PZ‐PD‐41‐98) and amended in 2000 (Cases PZ‐010‐00 and PZ‐PD‐010‐00) to revise the proposed density in Parcels B and I, as well as revise the proposed dwelling unit counts.   In 2009, a 7.2 acre parcel at the northeast corner of the project fronting Combs Road was sold to the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter‐Day Saints and the Church was constructed in 2009.  The remainder of the project has yet to develop and continues to be used for agricultural purposes.  Currently the Ware Farms project is entitled to allow 1,488 units at a density of 3.1 du/acre which includes a fifteen acre commercial parcel at the northwest corner of the site and the proposed wastewater Page 2 treatment plant site.  The commercial property size reduction is due to the fact that Kenworthy is not a through street southward at the southern end of the site and it does not go north of the site over Queen Creek Wash." 

"Half‐street improvements adjacent to the Property to Combs, Kenworthy, and Schnepf Road will be coordinated with the Pinal County Public Works Department.  According to the Preliminary Traffic Impact Analysis included with this request, improvements to Combs Road are limited to acceleration and deceleration lanes for accessing the new collector road into the property."    

J.O. Combs Unified School District is also requesting a 12.7 acre school site,within the new community, in order to meet the educational needs of the community.

According to the documents filed with the county, "Ware Farms is a family oriented residential community in the heart of developing Pinal County.    Located between Encanterra, Pecan Creek and Laredo Ranch, this is a great location to provide additional quality housing options to the growing families of Pinal County and employees of the nearby Banner Ironwood Hospital." 

Anyone interested in this matter may appear and speak at the public hearing at the date, time and place designated above.